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Business Security


  1. Banking and Finance Sector
    2. NGO/INGO, Government Organization
    3. Hotel and Hospitality Sector
    4. Hospital and Medical Sector
    5. Education Sector
    6. Residential Complex Security
    7. Installation Security
    8. Warehouses Security
    9. Manufacturing & Industrial Sector
    10. Laboratories Security.
    11. Construction / Project Sites Sector.
    12. Airport Security.
    13. Film, Radio and television studios Security.
    14. Corporate Security & reception duties.
    15. Event Security services.

Asset and land Security

* Confrontation Sector
* land And Property Sector

Events  Security

Our Professional Security Gurard Are Always Ready To Make Secure Your Events.

Personal Security


  1. Body Guard (PSO)

Personal & Business Security

We Provide Professional Bodyguard And Security Services To Te Business

Our recruitment Procedure:

The recruitment team at Gurukul follows strict hiring standards to filter quality applicants for the job.
After which, each potential candidate is rigorously interviewed and skill tested on various grounds viz.
mental ability, personality, interpersonal skills etc. It is also mandatory for each potential candidate to
successfully clear comprehensive background screening and drug screening. Every candidate is to have
recommendation from a reliable source. Only after fulfilling these criteria’s, the candidates are eligible to
join Gurukul Security team, to be trained for their role in the organization.



At Gurukul Security, we strongly believe that well-trained and motivated people are the key to our success. Our In house training department is committed to grooming the employee by providing them.

industry and site-specific training, to meet the individual requirements of our clients and the everchanging industry needs.

  • Induction and orientation
    • Basic Training
    • Refresher Training
    • On The job Training



What are the common types of security services?

Security services can vary depending on the needs of the client. Some common types of security services include: physical security, access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, security consulting, background checks, and executive protection.

What is the cost of security services?

The cost of security services will depend on several factors, such as the type of security service required, the level of expertise needed, the duration of the service, and the location.

What kind of training and certification do security guards have?

Security guards undergo a training program that covers basic security principles, emergency response, and communication skills. They may also receive specialized training in areas such as crowd control, firearms handling, and executive protection.

How do security services protect against cyber threats?

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important aspect of security services. Security companies may offer services such as network monitoring, threat analysis, vulnerability assessments, and incident response to protect against cyber threats. They may also provide training to employees on how to recognize and respond to potential cyber attacks.

What is the working hours of Security guards?

8 & 12 Hours.


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Business Security
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